About mixed-sense.in, we load the website with lots of ancient stories and food recipes written in simple English language that is clear and concise.

Why Mixed Sense?

Mixed Sense is a website created,

  • To help parents, to teach kids good manners and habits through ancient stories.
  • To help homemakers to prepare delicious food recipes for adults

About Stories

Mixed Sense highlights the lessons from a variety of stories from all over the world for centuries, especially as Aesop stories, fables, and bedtime stories for kids.

We present here, a list of our versions of such popular stories in English. Stories include a summary, pictures, videos, moral messages, and lessons learned from that story especially for kids.

Our stories mainly focus on developing kid’s knowledge, growth, attitude, and cultivate good habits in them.

About Recipes

Mixed Sense website has a variety of tasty Indian recipes from different regions. We prepare recipes in unique styles from regions of India.

Recipes added in Mixed Sense are from different regions that taste good.

About Me

My name is Kishore. I’m from India. I’m passionate about stories and I love to try original recipes from different regions of India.

I just want to let my audience know how I cultivated an interest in stories.

When my sweet little angle(my daughter) was 3 years, she asks me to tell stories. I read through many stories to tell her.

And I’m impressed with many stories and started reading stories for my growth. Thus I cultivated the habit of reading stories every day from around the world.