Life – Transform it into Happiest one

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Life – change it for you, else it will change you.

Changing your life is within you. No one will come and change your life. You need to work out and improve yourself. Here is a small narration that explains to you it’s all within you.

Be a Sculptor of your life

Consider you as a passionate sculptor. You have an enormous stone. You are very passionate and happy to create and give meaning to the stone.

What will you do? Whether you start immediately sculpting with your tools when you have the stone?

No, First, you will see the stone and think about what kind of beautiful sculpture can make of the stone. And imagine where to carve and bring the shape of the sculpture and to achieve the final shape of the sculpture.

Likewise, you need to identify yourself and find out a way to grow and improve yourself. You need to come up with what should be the outcome of you. How should you look like to the world? For that, you need to imagine yourself how others should see you from the outside world.

Now as a sculptor you identified what has to do with the stone. As soon as you identified and imagined, can you bring shape and life to the sculpture?

No, it takes hours or months or years to sculpt depends on the size of the sculpture. The sculptor with the patient sculpts with the same passion until he completed the sculpture.

Likewise, it takes hours or months or years to achieve your goal, again it all depends on the goal. Please be patient and focus on your goal.

While sculpting, the sculptor may have many blockers to complete the sculpture. So whether he stops his sculpting?

No, he will accept the blockers and think for an alternative solution if any to achieve the sculpted shape.

Likewise, if we have any challenges to reach our destiny, we should accept and find a solution to overcome and achieve your goal. Your only aim should be to reshape you.


So changing your life is within you, analyze yourself where you want to be and set the goal. Accept and overcome the blockers that come into your path. Focus and work for it until you achieve it, even if it takes months or years, so focus only on your outcome. Finally, do or die.

All the very best!

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