Belief – The Tale of Confidence

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‘Belief – The Tale of Confidence’ is an inspiring story. From this story, you will learn an effective lesson that will help you for the rest of your life.

Belief - The Tale of Confidence
Belief – The Tale of Confidence


To summarize the Story, “Belief – The Tale of Confidence”. This is the story of the man who poked his nose into affairs that are not his concern and got into trouble.


Once there lived a Businessman, he was running an organization worth 100 Crores.

Once he had a loss of 50 Crores in his business because of some mistakes in his organization. He becomes upset because of this and went to a nearby park and sitting on the bench.

Then an old man who looked like a giant was sitting next to him. Seeing him sitting upset.

The old man asked, “May I know the reason for your sadness? If possible, I may help you out.”

Businessmen said, “I have loss in my business. I am very heartbroken.”

The old man asked, “How much is the loss?”.

Businessmen said, “50 crores,”.

The old man said, “Were you able to identify who am I?”. And said the name of the celebrity of the town.

Then the old man asked, “Well if you have 50 crores of money, will you be okay?”.

He said, “Yes, everything will be fine.”

The old man then gave a 500 crores cheque to the Businessman and asked him to return the money the same day next year in the same place.

Then the Businessman hurried to the office. He went into his room and locked the cheque in his bureau. Then he called his assistant and asked him to arrange for all the staff to come to the management meeting.

All the staff were assembled in the meeting room.

The Businessman started talking. “Friends, our company has lost 50 crores. I have 500 Crores in my hand, but I will not touch that money. I want everyone to join their hands with me to find out the gap and fix this loss.

Then the staff started workout to find the root cause. Mistakes were identified and weeded out. He co-ordinated all the staff and worked hard day and night to fix the loss.

A year passed. His company was with a profit of Rs 550 crore. The next morning, Businessman took the cheque for 500 crores, which he received a year back and rushed to the park. He sat on the same bench last year. Morning drowsiness was seen with snow.

A short time later, the woman was holding the old man by her arms and went. A few seconds later, the woman was coming back, alone

The businessman asked the woman, “Where’s is the old man who was with you”

The woman nervously asked, “Did he bother you?”

He said, “No, why you ask this?”.

The woman stated, “No, the old man is a mentally retard person. He always shows himself as a celebrity to the people in the park and gives his old cheque filled with some amount”.

The businessman could not speak for a minute. If we believe that we can, then we can do it. So Belief is the only key for success which saved him from the loss.

We must first believe that we can do anything. Only then can we improve our lives.

Moral of the Story

Moral of the story, “Belief – The Tale of Confidence” is,

 “Belief is the first step to reach high in our life.

Lesson from the Story!

The lessons learned from the story ‘Belief – The Tale of Confidence’ is

“You should always believe what you do and proceed with it to achieve success in your life!”.

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