Intellectual Capacity of the Engineer – Inspiring Story

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‘Intellectual Capacity of the Engineer’ is an inspiring story of Mechanical Engineer from which you will learn an effective lesson that will help you for the rest of your life.

Intellectual Capacity of the Engineer
Intellectual Capacity of the Engineer


“Intellectual Capacity of the Engineer,” is a story Mechanical Engineer who charged for his intellectual capacity and presence of mind.


In the Textile hub of India, there was a huge textile plant with over three thousand people as a worker.

During one peak season, the company has got more orders of consignment for their product. But the key machine of that factory stopped working.

The owner had an important consignment to deliver in a week. The worth of the consignment is 40 crores. The Stoppage of the machine affected the entire production.

The owner of the factory tried his best to fix the machine with his local mechanics and engineers. But no one fixed it. He called several Mechanical engineers from the nearby places, but the machine not started.

The timeline for consignment delivery was nearing day by day. He was ready to pay huge money for the person who fixes the issue.

One of his workers said, “There is an expert in New Delhi, who can fix the issue”. So he called that experienced mechanical engineer from Delhi to resolve the issue.

The Mechanical engineer has tremendous knowledge and experience in this domain. He told the owner of that factory that he will charge ten thousand rupees for the service, and the owner agreed.

The engineer on seeing the machine, he found out the issue. He took a hammer and gave a stroke on the machine at a particular place. To everyone’s surprise, the machine started working with his single stroke.

The owner looked at the old man and said, “Ten thousand rupees for a single hammer strike is too much, many engineers have given a hammer stroke and they charged only Thousand Rupees.”

The experienced engineer replied that they have charged you immense money for the hammer strike. But I quoted negligible amount for the hammer strike. Striking with the hammer cost only one rupee, but nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine rupees is for my intellectual capacity, which tells me where to strike the hammer and how hard to strike it,”.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story, ‘Intellectual Capacity of the Engineer,’ is

“Successful people always do things differently.”

Lesson from the Story!

The lessons learned from the story ‘Intellectual Capacity of the Engineer’ is

“We have to consider people’s intellectual capacity and reward them”.

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