Lesson from the Spider – Inspiring Story

Lesson from the Spider
Lesson from the Spider
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‘Lesson from the Spider’ is an inspiring story. From this story, you will learn an effective lesson that will help you for the rest of your life.

Lesson from the Spider
Lesson from the Spider


To summarize the story ‘Lesson from the Spider’, this is the motivational story of the king who learned a lesson from the spider and won his rival against the battle.


Once there lived, the King called Adithya Varma. He was ruling his kingdom for long. He was brave and fearless.

Adithya Varma’s kingdom was small compared to the neighboring kingdom. His enemy urges capturing his kingdom. Once his enemy sent a note to wage war with him.

The King was ready to face him on the battlefield. He prepared his army to battle against his rival. He fought with confidence. But his army was small compared to his enemy’s army. So his rival defeated him in the battle.

The enemy was victorious because of his enormous force and captured the kingdom.

Adithya Varma ran away from the battlefield to save his life. He found the dense forest and shelter in a cave.

His failure depressed him. He has not realized his ancestor’s braveness how they ruled their kingdom. He forgets how they fought against their enemies. He lost his hope and courage. He began living as a typical man in the cave.

One day the king was taking a rest in the cave. He noticed a spider living in the cave. He was watching the actions of the Spider.

The spider was weaving a web across the cave ceiling. But it falls down before completing it. It crawled to reach the roof of the cave. It failed again and again. But the spider did not give up. It tried to climb again and again. Finally, the spider climbed up and completed the web.

The spider taught the King a great lesson. It filled him with fresh hope and courage. On seeing the spider’s perseverance, the king said, “The spider failed many times and never gave up. Why should I leave?”

He came out of the cave and gathered the soldiers of his kingdom together and formed a force. This time he fought with courage, with his enemy. And finally, he won the battle with his determination and made his country free.

Moral of the story

Moral of the story ‘Lesson from the Spider’ is
“Try! Try! Until you succeed”.

Lesson Learnt!

Lesson learned from the story ‘Lesson from the Spider’ is,
“We should never give up. We should try, try, and try until we succeed in it”.

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