3 Great Lessons from the Story ‘The Monkey and the Wedge’

The Monkey and the wedge
The Monkey and the wedge
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‘The Monkey and the Wedge’ is an inspiring story. From this story, you will learn an effective lesson that will help you for the rest of your life.

The Monkey and the wedge
The Monkey and the wedge


To describe the summary of, “The Monkey and the Wedge”. This is the story of The Monkey who poked his nose into affairs that are not his concern and got into trouble.


In a remote village in India, there lived the great saint. His humility and patience made him a role model for the people.

The saint worried there was no temple in the village. He builds a Shiva temple in his garden. So the villagers have a proper place to worship god.

The saint gathered a team of workers from the nearby villages. He showed them the garden in the village to build the temple.

Many workers were working for the saint. They start work in the morning and take a break for the midday meals. They return to resume work in the evening every day.

One day a group of Monkeys arrived at the construction site and looking at the workers from the tree.

The workers were working hard to divide a log into two parts. They were trying to cut it from the morning. But till noon they could cut only half.

Cutting the hard logs from morning made them hungry. So they planned to take time off for their lunch.

One worker placed the Wedge in between the log to prevent it from closing and went for lunch.

The Monkeys noticed that the workers are leaving the construction site.

The Monkeys came from the trees. And it started jumping and playing around the site.

One curious Monkey noticed the Wedge stuck in a log. The Monkey urge to find out why the Wedge placed in between the log. So he began tugging and pulling the Wedge from the log.

The Monkey tried with his effort, and the Wedge came out of the log. Half-split log closed and his leg stuck in the log’s gap.

The Monkey screamed out of pain. And tried to pull off the log. But not able to take his leg and tail. And there was no one to set him free.

At last, the Monkey died with severe pain.

Moral of the Story

The key lessons from the story, “The Monkey and the Wedge” are,

 “One, who meddle on other’s work, will come to grief.

Lesson from the Story!

The lessons learned from the story ‘The Monkey and the Wedge’ is

“You should not interfere with somebody’s life, else you will end up in trouble!”.

“Think twice before you do any action!”

“Don’t get in without knowing how to get out!”

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