3 Best Lessons from the Story ‘Value of Life’

What is the value of life
What is the value of life
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‘Value of Life’ is an inspiring story. From this story, you will learn an effective lesson that will help you for the rest of your life.

What is the value of life
What is the value of life


To summarize the story ‘Value of Life’, The Story of the Kid who tries to understand what is the value of life from his father.


In New York City, there lived a man with his better half and his child. He was poor. Professionally, he would make Doughnut and sell it.

One day, The Kid goes to his dad and asked him, “Oh father, I want to know the value of my life,”.

The Father went inside his room and returned with the stone says, “My dear child, do you wish to know the value of your life, take this stone and go to the market. If anyone asks for its price, don’t say a word and raise up two fingers,”

The Kid does as his father says and he goes to the market with the stone. He wanders around and an older lady approaches him and asks “Can you please tell me the price of this stone”.

The Kid doesn’t say a word and raises his two fingers and the lady says, “goodness two dollars, I’ll take it,”

The Kid got back home and stated, “There was an older lady, needed the stone for two dollars,”

The Father says, “Child, go to the exhibition hall with the stone. If anybody requests the cost, don’t say a word and raise up the two fingers,”.

The Kid takes the stone, goes to the exhibition hall, following 20 minutes there was a person in a suit moves toward the Kid and says “sir what amount is this stone”.

The Kid doesn’t say a word and raises two fingers and the man says $200 I’ll take it.

The Kid got back home, and stated, “A Guy in the exhibition hall needed the stone for $200,”

The father stated, “My dear Kid, the last spot I need you to take the stone is to a Gem store, walk inside with a stone and if the store person asks for the price, don’t say a word, and raise up the two fingers,”.

The Kid entered the Gem store and showed the stone to the aged man at the counter. As the aged man saw the stone, he jumps up and screams “Oh my god, you have the stone, how much is it,”.

The Kid doesn’t say a word and raises up two fingers, the aged man says $200,000 I’ll take it.

The Kid can’t believe it, he jumps up and runs to his father and stated, “Father, the old man at the stone store wanted to give me $200,000 for the stone,”

Father stated, “My dear son, now you have understood the value of your life is where you place yourself. You can choose whether you need to sell you for $2.00 or 200,000 dollars. There are individuals adoring you and for whom you are everything. There are individuals who will use you like a product and for them, you are worth nothing. So it is upon you my son to decide your value of life,”.

The Kid realized the value of life. He worked hard to position himself in the place he desired. He grew up as a successful man and positioned himself in a respectful place.

Moral of the story

Moral of the story ‘Value of Life’ is

 “They will value you based on the position where you are”

Lesson Learnt!

Lesson learned from the story ‘Value of Life’ is, 

“Position yourself in the right place where people need you”

“Move away from the place where people hate you”

“Work hard to raise your position to raise your value”

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