The great lesson from the Story ‘Work from Home’ – Best Teaching for Mangers

Accept the challenge of the people work from home
Accept the challenge of the people work from home
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‘Work from Home’ is an inspiring story. From this story, you will learn an effective lesson that will help you for the rest of your life.

Accept the challenge of the people work from home
Accept the challenge of the people work from home


To summarize the story ‘Work from Home’, this is a story of a Grandmother who narrates the holiness of home to Software Engineer and manager who was working from home.


In India, there was an Engineer. He is working in an IT organization. He works from home because of the pandemic caused by the CORONA virus around the world.

He was attending a video a conference with his Manager. His grandma was talking on telephone behind him. The background noise upsets his Manager. His Manager asked him to stop the background noise that is disturbing. The Software Engineer turned back and advised his grandma to stay silent.

She strolled towards her grandson. She notices a person on the Monitor and asked: “who is he?”

The Software Engineer muted his audio and video by expressing that “He is my Manager,”

She stated, “I need to converse with your Manager,”. The Software Engineer denied her request and asked her to move out of his room. The Manager started pinging the Software Engineer to turn on video and audio. The Engineer unmuted to talk and his grandma shouted, “Manager, I need to converse with you,”

The Manager agreed and the Engineer unmuted the video. The grandmother with a smile said Good Morning sir and introduced herself. And the Manager also greeted her.

She asked, “Are you upset?” The Manager replied, “yes, some kind of work pressure, a lot of noise around and we could not complete the meeting in time,”

The Grandmother asked, “Can I solve your problem?”

The Engineer was stopping her, and he was telling her to keep quiet

The Manager said, “It’s all right, let her talk,”

The Grandmother narrated a story, once there was a Youngman who sat under a tree for taking a rest. He was continuously hearing a bird’s sound. He lifted his head up and started chasing the bird so he can peacefully take some rest, the bird came closer to him and said “You are taking rest under my nest, I will not ask you to leave the place, learn to exist with us”. The Youngman realized his mistake.

The Grandmother expressed her feeling and said, “Our home is our nest where we take rest and bond with our dear and near ones. I understand the current pandemic situation but also understand that a home is not your office. When we come to visit our family members at your office, corporate individuals expect us to behave professionally or maintain decorum. Correspondingly, when you are using our home, understand the situation at the home,”.

There is nothing wrong with doing your work from home, but remember, it is the family members’ benevolent nature and sacrifice that is keeping the corporate functioning today and economy running.

She asked the manager, “Am I right?”. The Manager’s mom peeped and stated, “yes, you are right,”.

Be protected at home, yet keep up the holiness of home while working at home.

Moral of the story

Moral of the story ‘Work from Home’ is
Accept the challenge of work from home, because it is a home, not an office”

Lesson Learnt!

Lesson learned from the story ‘Work from Home’ is,

As a manager, we need to accept the difficulties of work from home.”

“We need to maintain decorum to keep up the holiness of home”

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