The Goldsmith and his wife – Beautiful Story

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Let us all enjoy reading the story ‘The Goldsmith and his wife’. You will learn an effective lesson from this story, which will help you for the rest of your life.

The Goldsmith and his wife
The Goldsmith and his wife


To summarize the story ‘The Goldsmith and his wife’. This is a story of a goldsmith who false pretense to his wife as brave and got caught off to his wife.


In a beautiful village, there lived a goldsmith having a small Jeweller’s shop. He used to make a lot of beautiful and quality jewel every day with passion.

And everyday night after closing the shop, he brings home a bag full of gold. On seeing this, his wife felt it is not safe to bring home a bag full of gold during night times.

So one day, his wife told him that “Carrying a bag full of gold to home every night is not good and safe as thieves may catch and rob you”.

The goldsmith told her he was very strong and capable of handling a hundred thieves. And hence there is nothing to worry about it. But his wife was not confident in his words.

The next day to test her husband, she borrowed a man’s costume from her friend. Wearing that on that night, she went as a robber with a knife on the way of her husband and said, “Handover everything, otherwise, I will kill you”.

Goldsmith was afraid and trembling with terror, and then he gave all the things including his clothes.

The wife came home taking all the things before the goldsmith reaches home and closed the door from inside. The fearful goldsmith, walking on the road and was looking here and there, and came near the vegetable market. Somebody threw a pumpkin on his back and he thought it hurt him and maybe blood was oozing (coming) out of his back.

He rushed towards his house and shouted desperately to his wife to open the door. His wife came after some time and opened the door. He went inside and his wife asked him, “What happened to you? Why are you naked and what happened to your clothes?”

He stated, “A gang of hundred thieves attacked and robbed me. If I had to face four or five thieves, then it would have been easy, but a hundred thieves took away all the wealth, including my clothes.”

He also said, “See the bleeding because of striking of the sword”.

His wife came with warm water for his bath and after some time she also gave him the clothes which he was wearing at the time during the robbery. The goldsmith immediately recognized it and was ashamed of his failure and said, “Yes, I know that it was you, so I played a drama to fool you”.

His wife said, “Oh Dear! Enough of your lies! I saw your bravery and fearlessness which works only at home. Henceforth never carry home the bag of gold at night,”. The goldsmith agreed to her statement and worked it out.

Moral of the story

Moral of the story ‘The Goldsmith and his wife’ is
False pretense and lies have no place”

Lesson Learnt!

Lesson learned from the story ‘The Goldsmith and his wife’ are,
Be what you are, never pretend or tell lies for anything. You will get caught for all your false pretenses or lies”.

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