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Let us all enjoy reading the famous story “The Hare and the Tortoise”.


Story of the hare and the tortoise


Once upon a time, there was a green forest, where many animals were living.

The hare who lived there was very proud that it would run fast and no animal in the forest to race him.

Hare saw a tortoise walking slow with a heavy shell on his back and then he mocked the slow-moving tortoise.

Speedy hare asked tortoise to race with him. The tortoise accepted his challenge, thinking that the rabbit should bring restraint.

The race started between the tortoise and the hare after determining the distance. To watch the race all the animals in the forest gathered together to know who will win the race.

The Hare ran faster than the tortoise and reached three-quarters of the distance.

He looked back at the tortoise and laughed out, “How do you expect to win the race when you are walking along at your slow, slow pace?”. But the tortoise continued his journey without hesitation.

The Hare paused under a tree to take rest for a sometime. Thinking, “There is a long distance for the tortoise to cross him”. So he sleep under a tree

The Tortoise walked slow, steady with confident and reached near the finish line. The animals who were watching cheered the tortoise so a loud “Come on tortoise. Come on!”.

The Hare yawned and woke up from sleep. He saw that the tortoise was near the finish line. The Hare stretched and began to run again, but he was not able to catch him up.

The tortoise crossed the finish line and won the race.


Slow and steady wins the race“.

Lesson Learnt

Lesson learnt from the above story are,

  • Don’t be overconfident
  • One should be always slow, steady and confident in what they do.
  • We should not under estimate any one.

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