The Hen and the Golden Eggs – Best Story

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Let us all enjoy reading the beautiful story ‘The Hen and the Golden Eggs’. You will learn an effective lesson from this story, which will help you for the rest of your life.

The Hen and the Golden Eggs
The Hen and the Golden Eggs


To summarize the story ‘The Hen and the Golden Eggs’. An ancient story of a poor man got a hen that lays a golden egg every day. But he overwhelmed an urge to get all the golden eggs in the chicken.

Story – The Hen and the Golden Eggs

Once there lived a farmer in a village. He was a poor man, and he earns less money out of his job. He passed his days with the money what he earned.

One day, he returns home in hunger after his work. He was looking for food. But no food at home. He saw a hen clucking outside his hut on a hay bale. He thought the hen would be a delicious feast for his hunger.

With a little effort, he caught the hen. He took the cleaver and as he about to kill the hen. The hen squeaked, “O kind man! Please don’t kill me. If you spare my life, I will lay a golden egg for you every day,”

In a surprise, he said, “what is this? A hen that can speak? Oh sweet hen, I will not kill you. But if you do not lay golden eggs every day, I will kill you for sure,” And he left the hen alive.

He kept the hen inside his hut, and he went to sleep. The next day morning as soon as he woke up, he went to see the hen whether it has laid any golden egg. His eyes widen in delight after seeing the solid golden egg laid by a hen.

He took the golden egg and went to the town to sell it. He stood in the middle of the street and shouted, “To all here, these are special Golden eggs that are precious. These are for sale here now. Come and get it,”

The crowd surrounded him and surprised to see that he made eggs with gold. One from the crowd asked, “Is it a real golden egg?”

The farmer replied, “Yes, it is a real golden egg laid by my hen,”

He sold it for the best price in the market and returned home happy.

The next day, When he woke up. He went to look straight out whether a hen laid another golden egg. And he was happy to see the golden egg. Again he went to the town and sold it for a good price.

He did the same every day. Soon he became a rich man in that village. He built a big house and lead a luxurious life. Everyone in the village respected him. But it does not satisfy him with that wealth he got through hen.

One day he became greedy, and he wants more and more money. He went mad and thought there would be tons of golden eggs inside the hen. He said to himself, “If I cut the hen, I can get all the eggs in a day and become the richest person in the country in a day,”

He thought he should not want to wait for the hen to lay the golden eggs one by one.

He took a cleaver and cut through the stomach of the hen. The Hen died at last. When he sees inside the hen’s stomach, he found no eggs in it. He cried for the hen. 

Greedy farmer not only lost the golden eggs but also the hen.

Moral of the story

Moral of the story ‘The Hen and the Golden Eggs’ is
One who desires more loses all. One should remain satisfied with what they get.

Lesson Learnt!

Lesson learned from the story ‘The Hen and the Golden Eggs’ is,
We should not desire for more. We should be satisfied with what we have and what we get. Our desire for more will end up with the loss”.

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