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The King and the City is an inspirational story of the king who withhold his thorn.


To describe the summary of, “The King and the City”. This is the story of The poor man who becomes a king and withholds his position in his time period.

The King and the City
The King and the City


There was a great city in South Asia that has a law that anyone who wants to be king of the city will rule only for five years, and the remaining lifetime he had to live in the forest is on the other side of the river bank. Only those who agree to these conditions are eligible to sit on the throne.

The forest is very dense and fully occupied by wild animals. No human survived there in the forest. When human enters the forest; Wildlife kills and settle.

Thus a king has a five-year reign. He has to cross the river on that day and go to the forest.

No one is ready to sit on the throne, and it was empty for long.

One fine day, a brave man came out and said that he is ready to be the king of the city as per the law. He ruled the city greatly for 5 years and people were happy.

He was in his last day as a king. The city people had gathered to see him.

The king came, dressed in his finest clothes and jewels, and crowned them with golden diamonds in front of the people.

Seeing the boat he was about to go, he said angrily, “This is the boat that the king is carrying! Bring on the big boat! I’m standing up! Bring Throne! ”

Commandments flew; Things happened! They decorated the beautiful boat for a while, tore down the river water, and headed towards the other side.

To the dismay of the people, the king continued his journey.

The most shocked is the sailor! The reason was that none of the monarchs he had taken so far had been happy. He is, however, overflowing with joy.

The boatman could not tolerate it. The boatman asked, Do you know where you’re going? ”

“Yes, I know where I’m going. To the other side of the river bank!” said the brave man.

The boatman said, “You will never come back to this city once to go to the other side of the riverbank?”

“I know. I will never come back to this city!”, the brave man replied.

It surprised the boatman to see the man was happy without fear of death.

The brave replied, ”Oh! Do you know what I did? At the end of one year of rule, I sent a thousand hunters to the forest; They hunted and killed wild animals!

At the end of the second year, a thousand farmers went; They plowed through the forest; Plenty of cereal vegetables are there today.

At the end of the third year, a thousand architects and workers went. Today, the house, the gate, the palace, the roads are all ready!

At the end of the fourth year, a thousand government officials went. The administration was decadent. These 4000 people live there with their spouses and children.

Now I am not going to the forest; Going to my country! Don’t die, I’m going to live! I will rule as king! If you want to work in a palace boat, join the boat. ”

The King concluded by saying, “I am here as a king because I set my goal to lead my life as a king and I planned to achieve that”.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story “The King and the City” is

No one can reach anywhere unless he finds his goal and works for it.

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